At World Logistics Group, we not only provide a low-cost inventory storage solution, our friendly pricing means that you pay only for the amount of storage space you use, whether it’s 10 pallets, one half pallet, or just 1 cubic foot. On top of that, we will never penalize you for slow-moving merchandise.

With our security system equipped with over 100 cameras, and in-house security guards, we can guaranty that your precious products are safe and secure. Every associate that comes in and out of the facility are logged and are required to go through our metal detector devices.










Pick & Pack

Quality Pick & Pack defines the core of Quality Fulfillment Services. It must be FAST, EFFICIENT and ACCURATE. It requires Robust & Innovative Technology coupled with a quick-minded and detail-loving Process Architect. It requires an ever-evolving Process that will guarantee that each item is allocated and picked from the same location without inventory discrepancies.

Our Warehouse Management System is a pretty awesome tool in keeping our mistakes to a minimum and prompting our Warehouse Team in case there is a potential error. We pride ourselves to be 100% accurate in our inventory and Pick and Pack processes. The only way to keep this amazing accuracy is to designate 1 SKU per bin. That will allow us to speed up the Pick and Pack process and make inventory management effective and error-free. You would certainly not want to deal with a negative feedback and returns of the wrong item. Neither will we! We are your operations force and our primary function is to minimize your every-day headache.