eCommerce Centered Fulfillment

As a growing business, you also need flexibility. And at World Logistics Group together with our strategic partners, our services conform to your needs, transforming fixed costs, such as warehouse rent, into variable costs that can easily scale with your business.

Our friendly terms make things even easier. At WLG, we don’t have minimum order requirements. We don’t have setup fees. You pay only for the fulfillment services you actually utilize, and you pay for them as you go, with no long-term contracts.










Storage & Secure Warehousing

At WLG, we not only provide a low-cost inventory storage solution, our friendly pricing means that you pay only for the amount of storage space you use, whether it’s 10 pallets, one half pallet, or just 1 cubic foot. On top of that, we will never penalize you for slow-moving merchandise.

With our security system equipped with over 100 cameras, and in-house security guards, we can guaranty that your precious products are safe and secure. Every associate that comes in and out of the facility are logged and are required to go through our metal detector devices.